Hello! from NYMPHYA - Singer, 🎤songwriter, producer 

California-based 🌱 NYMPHYA 🌱 is an Ethereal / Folktronica Baroque-Pop artist with suffusions of Worldbeat, Classical and Experimental. Her Cinematic Art-Pop style is a quirky collage of eclectic beats, soaring vocals, haunting soundscapes, and captivating samples that kindle her insightful lyrics. Professional opera singer Valentina O is the eclectic and multifaceted songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and producer behind Nymphya. Valentina has appeared throughout the United States as a classical soloist on the stages of New York City Opera, San Francisco Opera, and the San Francisco Symphony, among others. Her voice is featured on numerous soundtracks for television, film and commercials (Time/Life Warner, IMAX, and Garfield), and on multiple CD projects for recording artists.  She backed up John Cale (The Velvet Underground) on the Tonight Show and was featured on MTV with her group Screaming Divas for the Virgin Megastore opening, as well as opened for artists as diverse as George Benson, Dana Carvey and Todd Rundgren.

“A celestial new age goddess . . . Nymphya has delivered in spades with this album. I will encourage my listeners to hear this through headphones”. ~ Deep Nuggets Radio, Steven Davies Morris

“An ambitious and well-crafted work, which provokes as much as it soothes. Sonically what has been created here sounds unique, an admirable accomplishment in and of itself. . . It’s hard to think of anyone apart from Kate Bush who could deliver a line with such twisted emotion and authenticity. . . It asks much of the listener and warrants repeated visits.” ~Chris Wheatley, Rawckus Magazine

“You get so swept away by the poetic beauty of the melodies, atmospheres, and moods that you forget about all the sweeping and genial electronics being applied in the musical arrangements, which in itself is a massive feat. What can more I say about this beautiful woman with a beautiful voice that hasn’t already been said? Breathtaking vocals, deeply stirring music, all impeccably produced. In a word – Spellbinding!” ~ TunedLoud

“Written, produced and performed mostly by Nymphya herself, she pushes musical and melodic boundaries, keeping the listener both entranced and curious. From the ethereal cries of the title track, to the pain-driven strains of "Beautiful Wound", never has Baroque Pop sounded so sweet...and been so necessary. Vocally, Nymphya's delivery is sublime. Poignant and emotionally raw, her voice embraces the music surrounding her. The end result sweeps you away. A +” ~RocknRoll Infinity

". . . impressive vocal skills. Her timbre of voice is warm and inviting the listener to dream away, but it also sounds powerful and even a bit ‘soul’-like on other tracks. Sound-wise (Nymphya) also reveals great composition skills. . . I always have liked artists dealing with something atypical; that’s precisely what Nymphya is all about while it also remains a truly sonic trip."  ~ Side-Line Music